Builder Services

A. Channel Partner Connect

A strong and indepth analysis of over 350 sub brokers operating in has enabled us to create a unique distribution network that can catapult the sales for Developers. Under this model called The Property Grid, we connect the Developer and his team to strategically chosen channel partners. We train the developer’s staff on techniques that generate more business from the associated agents. A proper channel partner engagement calendar is defined for the project.

B. Project Consultancy

In this highly evolving real estate market, it is very important for Developers to take calculated decisions, based on proper market research. With our rich experience of real estate sales across geographies and client segments, we provide the Developers a highly valuable consultancy on Product conceptualization, Pricing strategy, Marketing Plans.

C. Marketing Consultancy

Focusing on sales velocity for a project, we design optimized sales promotion plans, keeping the project dynamics in mind. This involves :

  • Assisting the creative agency in the storyline creation
  • Optimizing the advertizing spent on the right marketing tools
  • Different campaign & schemes throughout the year for sales enhancement
  • Staff recruitment & training
  • Channel partner connect
  • Referral Business generation

D. Training of Staff

A well trained and developed sales team will generate better results. Our Trainers provides innovative training to developer’s team. This module enhances the efficiency and improves the motivational levels.